Chris Murray - Chris Murray & Friends

Format : CD
Catalogue # : REBL012

Rebel Alliance Recordings are proud to release the newest record by one of the world's most unique and influential ska musicians, Chris Murray.

Chris Murray & Friends presents the man himself's very favorite unreleased tracks recorded over the past 15 years. A few have previously appeared on compilations, "best of" collections, or unofficial limited run releases, but most have sat silently in drawers full of cassettes and CDRs for years waiting to be heard.

These songs and recordings tell the tale of his life in music and as a person. They speak of the joy and the pain, the struggles and successes, and the dreams and disappointments of a path that was often uncertain but always very special and full of love.

Featuring excellent guest appearances by Lloyd Knibb, Lloyd Brevett and Cedric Brooks of The Skatalites, Vic Ruggiero and Jay Nugent of The Slackers, Brian Dixon and Jeff Roffredo of The Aggrolites, Ben Farrar and Eddie "Chiquis" Lozoya of Chris Murray Combo and many more, plus a co-writing credit to Neville Staple of The Specials and an engineering credit to Matt Embree of RX Bandits, Chris Murray & Friends showcases the depth of collaboration he has had the good fortune to connect with during his life in LA.

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1. Shades of the Same Colour
2. So Many Roads
3. F-Train
4. Heartache
5. Strong Physical Urge
6. Starving Artists
7. Tell Me What You Want
8. Warning
9. Everything'll Be Alright
10. Talkin' Blues
11. Better To Know
12. So Civilised
13. River Bank
14. Boogie
15. Let There Be Peace